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Simplify your used car buying experience with AutoMOT. AutoMOT uses AI technology to extract the registration plate of used vehicles and returns it’s up to date MOT history – no more switching tabs!

Designed with the private used car buyer in mind

AutoMOT was designed to streamline the process of checking a car’s MOT history whilst you’re looking at and comparing cars to buy.

MOT History

We have authorised direct API access to the DVLA MOT history database to power your searches

Reduces Time

Simplify your car buying search by not having to remember and switch tabs to input the car’s registration plate to get it’s MOT history

Easy To Use

Clear user interface displaying the MOT history next to the vehicle your looking at to make more informed choices

Helping you focus on what really matters

By having the MOT history of vehicles you’re considering purchasing, you can make better decisions as to whether you go and check out the vehicle and negotiation points with the seller

  • Easy to use
  • Powered by AI
  • Smart features
  • Detailed history

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Smart features

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